Top Five X Game Athletes of All Time

by T Akery August 27th, 2015
The X Games is a multiple sport event featuring everything from extreme skateboarding to motocross. The X Games were started in 1995 and have been sponsored by ESPN ever since. They feature both summer and winter games. Many of the summer games are based on skateboards, bikes, motorbikes and
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Top Five Money Winners in the LPGA

by T Akery August 20th, 2015
The LPGA is the female version of the PGA. These women golfers are just as tough and just as eager to show their dominance on the green. The winnings of these women are quite impressive. This is especially true since the LPGA has only been around since the 1950s. So, here are the top five money winners in the LPGA.

Annika Sorenstam takes the top spot with over $22,000,000 earned in LPGA tournaments. She has competed in over 300 events
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Top 5 Winners of the British Open

by T Akery August 13th, 2015
The British Open is a championship level game in golf. It is one of the pinnacle championships that all golfers aspire to. The first championship was held in 1860. The event was originally in Scotland but later on moved to different venues. While early winners of the sport didn't profit financially, these top five winners have shown their domination time and time again in the British Open.

The top spot belongs to Harry Vardon. He won the British Open six
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  • Top 5 States to Win the Little League World Series

    by T Akery August 6th, 2015
    The Little League World Series has been around since 1947. It was designed to let kids under the age of 13 participate in a big tournament event in baseball. The teams are created from the all-star players of each Little League. Then, these teams play in State tournaments in order to make it to the final eight teams to represent the U.S. against the international teams' winner. These top
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  • Top 5 NFL Offensive Rookies

    by T Akery July 30th, 2015
    The Rookie of the Year race is on and these are the top five rookies in the running. While number one may appear to have the title clinched, he still has some tough competitors in the other four. So, here are the top five offensive rookies this season.

    Coming in at number one is Keenan Allen. He is a wide receiver for the San Diego Chargers. So far this season,
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  • Top Five Scorers in Major League Soccer

    by T Akery July 23rd, 2015
    Soccer is typically a low scoring game, especially in the Major Leagues. The margin of winning often comes down to a single goal. So while the numbers themselves might not be impressive, the effort that goes into scoring so many goals is quite a feat. Here are the top five scorers in Major League Soccer.

    Jeff Cunningham is at the top of the list with 134 goals in the net.
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