NCAA Hockey Top 5 Ranked Men’s Teams

by T Akery April 7th, 2016
The top five NCAA Hockey teams have been voted on in the polls in USA Today and American Hockey Magazine. These top five teams are the ones that generated the most votes and accumulated the most points so far in the season. While this doesn't guarantee a winner in
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Top 5 MLB Opening Day Games

by T Akery March 3rd, 2016
Opening Day is the start of baseball season and with it comes the hope of another shot at the World Series. While the teams have been stretching out since the spring in the warmer spots of Florida and Arizona, it is time to get down to real business. This opening day features something unique. So, here are the five games to watch on opening day.

The first game actually happens before Opening Day. On March 22nd, the Diamondbacks and the
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NCAA March Madness Top 5 Teams

by T Akery February 25th, 2016
March Madness is in full swing. As usual, there have been quite a few surprises and a couple of close calls for teams. In fact, no one has successfully predicted the bracket for the prizes this year. So, while the prizes remain unclaimed for the spectators, these top five teams are still in it for the Championship:

Michigan is in the running this year again for the Championship. Last year, they were responsible for ending Florida's run at the Championship.
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  • Top 5 Grapefruit League Locations

    by T Akery February 18th, 2016
    Spring training in Major League Baseball is an iconic time in sports. It is the time when the bats and gloves are polished, the time when the dirt and the cleats mix together and the time that the crack of the bat hitting the ball speaks of spring. During this time, the teams are in the warm states of Arizona and Florida getting geared up for the season. The
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  • Women’s NCAA Top Five Point Scorers

    by T Akery February 11th, 2016
    The women of basketball deserve as much recognition and credit as the men for the work they put into their sport. These top five players have shown that they are dedicated to the game and the art of scoring baskets. These top scorers have racked up the points and made their way onto this top five list. Their percentage totals rival the boys'.

    Odyssey Sims is on top of this
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  • Top 5 NCAA Women’s Hockey Teams

    by T Akery February 4th, 2016
    The women's hockey season is nearing its end. With only the playoffs left, these hockey teams have fought hard to grab the top five. While a top five finish is no guarantee of a win at the playoffs, these teams will certainly be contenders. These are the top five college teams for this season.

    The number one ranked NCAA Women's Hockey team is Minnesota. Minnesota earned its title with a
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