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Top Five Clubs that Have Won America’s Cup

by T Akery January 12th, 2015 Fab Five
The America's Cup is one of the most prestigious yachting events for boats. It is akin to winning the Super Bowl or World Series. It started in 1851 after the schooner America's racing victory over British schooners. From there, the Cup evolved into a race among some of the finest yachts ever developed. Since its inception, the race has grown to encompass more foreign countries and their clubs. But one thing remains the same. These clubs have to defend their title every year against the incoming challenges. Here are the top five clubs that have won the America's Cup.

The New York
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Top Five Male US Open Singles Tennis Champions of All Time

by T Akery January 11th, 2015 Fab Five
Top Five Male US Open Singles Tennis Champions of All TimeThe US Open got its prestigious start in 1881. In 1882, it was opened up to international players. The turf has changed three times since that first time. These top five male players have managed to stand on the podium multiple times for the singles' title.

Ultimately, there is a three way tie for first place. Three men have stood on that podium five times as the winner in the singles round of the US Open. You will recognize these men as some of the best players in tennis.

Jimmy Connors picked up his five wins during the 1970s and 1980s.
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  • I'm not going to say anything about the Sanchez tattoo. It was my tattoo and it's still my tattoo. --Rex Ryan, Jets coach, on his tattoo with the number of ex-Jet Mark Sanchez

  • We just spent, whatever it was, how many millions of dollars on the replay system. I mean, there's a thousand cameras in every stadium, so that if somebody spills a beer on somebody, we have it on record, right? Maybe we could have a bake sale. Raise some money for the cameras. Do a carwash. --Bill Belichick, Patriots coach, on raising money

  • Shoulder yesterday, back today, so I'm not sure if they're going to get him tests or get him to the MRI Monday or a bone scan on Tuesday, maybe. I'm not quite sure what we'll do. We may not do anything. I'm not sure. --Don Mattingly, Dodgers manager, on Puig's recent behavior

  • It has to absolutely be the biggest win for this group of young women this season.--Doug Bruno, DePaul women's basketball coach, on upsetting Duke

Top Five X Game Athletes of All Time

by T Akery January 10th, 2015 Fab Five
Top Five X Games Athletes of All TimeThe X Games is a multiple sport event featuring everything from extreme skateboarding to motocross. The X Games were started in 1995 and have been sponsored by ESPN ever since. They feature both summer and winter games. Many of the summer games are based on skateboards, bikes, motorbikes and a real series event. It takes a certain athleticism and skill to conquer the challenges of these events. So, here are the top five athletes that have put the X Games on the map.

Tony Hawk is one of the top ranked athletes of the X Games. His sport of choice
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Top 5 Winners of the British Open

by T Akery January 8th, 2015 Fab Five
Top 5 Winners of the British OpenThe British Open is a championship level game in golf. It is one of the pinnacle championships that all golfers aspire to. The first championship was held in 1860. The event was originally in Scotland but later on moved to different venues. While early winners of the sport didn't profit financially, these top five winners have shown their domination time and time again in the British Open.

The top spot belongs to Harry Vardon. He won the British Open six times. Vardon was born on an island named Jersey. He moved to England in his 20s and brought a different
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