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The NBA’s Top Five Point Guards

by T Akery March 5th, 2015 Basketball, Fab Five
Fab Five
The role of a point guard is quite complicated. Those who have earned this position have demonstrated that they have a comprehensive understanding of strategy, leadership, and the game itself. It is the job of the point guard to direct the team to success. These top five point guards have proven their worth on the basketball court.

You probably are already very familiar with this basketball star. So, it should be no surprise that "Magic" Johnson tops the list. He made a big impression in his rookie season with the L.A. Lakers, already showing that he was a leader. He
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Top 5 NBA Scorers

by T Akery March 4th, 2015 Basketball, Fab Five
Top 5 NBA ScorersThe NBA has its great players. Part of their fame comes from their ability to score baskets. While showy baskets might get more attention, the number of baskets also distinguishes these great players. You probably already know the names of these top five. While four out of five of them are retired, they still manage to top the league in scoring. Although, only time will tell about whether their record will hold up with four out of them officially retired from playing.

Topping the list of top scorers is Kareem Abdul-jabbar. He played for 20 years, spending time with both
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  • I'm not going to say anything about the Sanchez tattoo. It was my tattoo and it's still my tattoo. --Rex Ryan, Jets coach, on his tattoo with the number of ex-Jet Mark Sanchez

  • We just spent, whatever it was, how many millions of dollars on the replay system. I mean, there's a thousand cameras in every stadium, so that if somebody spills a beer on somebody, we have it on record, right? Maybe we could have a bake sale. Raise some money for the cameras. Do a carwash. --Bill Belichick, Patriots coach, on raising money

  • Shoulder yesterday, back today, so I'm not sure if they're going to get him tests or get him to the MRI Monday or a bone scan on Tuesday, maybe. I'm not quite sure what we'll do. We may not do anything. I'm not sure. --Don Mattingly, Dodgers manager, on Puig's recent behavior

  • It has to absolutely be the biggest win for this group of young women this season.--Doug Bruno, DePaul women's basketball coach, on upsetting Duke

The Goal is Goals – The NHL Fab 5

by James Maynard March 3rd, 2015 Fab Five, Hockey
NHL Top Goal ScorersThe goal of hockey is, well, making goals. And teamwork is a great thing – that is why you get points for getting the puck to the player who makes the goal. But, there's nothing quite like being the one who actually puts the puck into the net.  Our Fab 5 this week are five of the top scorers of this season, each with 12 to 17 goals to his credit. (We'd also like to mention Eric Staal, Andrew Ladd, and James van Riemsdyk, who recently made their 12th goalsas well as Jeff Carter and Chris Kunitz, who broke
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Hockey’s Fab 5 Goalies

by James Maynard March 2nd, 2015 Fab Five, Hockey
NHL Top GoaliesThe ultimate job of a goalie in the wonderful game of hockey is to stop the puck. This is why they are on the team – to prevent the puck from going into the goal. We may be in a shortened season this year, but as we look out onto the ice, here are the five goalies with the best save percentage of all goal tenders in the NHL. These five men are doing exactly what they are paid to do – stop the puck from going into the net, and as of the end of February, they are
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