Best Buzz- August 27

by Jacob Parzych August 27th, 2013 | Quotes
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  • [The Dodgers have] been on an incredible run, but we’re a good ballclub as well, and this shows the caliber of ballclub that we are. We’re on the same level with those guys. I knew the day I walked into this clubhouse what we had here. And every guy, man for man, knows that we’re capable of playing with anybody on a given day. –Jake Peavy, Red Sox pitcher
  • I don’t look at pressure. I go out and play my game. I always have a high standard for myself. … That’s just how it goes. If I put up the numbers, I put them up. –Dez Bryant, Cowboys wide receiver
  • After a lot of research, a lot of thought (and) communication from our whole offensive staff and really breaking down all of spring and all of fall we’ve made a decision that we anticipate playing both guys in the opening game. That really is about how well both the guys did. –Lane Kiffin, USC football coach, about starting both QBs this week
  • It was my decision–Rex Ryan, Jets coach, defending his decision to put Mark Sanchez in at the end of the game only to have him get hurt
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