NCAA Men’s Basketball Top 5 2014 Recruits

by T Akery November 21st, 2013 | Fab Five
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NCAA-Men’s-Basketball-Top-5-2014-RecruitsThe NCAA Men’s Basketball season is just getting warmed up. That means you may see some of these rookies on the court in the future. As the teams are working on getting these players signed up for schools, there is a lot of talent in the rookie class. So, here are the top five ranked recruits for the 2014 season.

Ranked at number one is Jahlil Okafor. He is committed to Duke for this season. This 6’10” center is from Whitney High School, Chicago. He has grabbed the scouters’ attention with both his size and his style of play. He has already racked up some accolades on the high school circuit including being named the Chicago Sun-Times Player of the Year. He was also an All Star Performer during his sophomore year.

Coming in at number two is Myles Turner. As of yet, he is uncommitted to a team but has had several schools actively recruiting him. Kansas, Texas and Ohio State are looking at this 6′ 11″ center from Trinity High School in Texas. He wasn’t ranked in the top five until very recently. While a broken ankle did hamper him for a season, he has recovered well enough and played well to become the second ranked recruiting prospect.

Cliff Alexander is number three. This 6′ 8″ power forward has signed with Kansas. He is from Curie High School, Chicago. Kansas recruited him for his rebounding skills. He is also a bigger player so he will be tough to get around when he is on the court. Kansas managed to beat out Illinois for this number three prospect.

Tyus Jones is the number four prospect. This 6′ 1″ in Point Guard is from Apple Valley High School in Minnesota. He is also committed to Duke and expected to team up with Okafor for an unbeatable combination. He is a smart player who does well under pressure. He was recruited more for how he plays the game. He is also the state Player of the Year winner for two years so far.

Emmanuel Mudiay rounds out the top five recruits. This 6’5″ in player is from Prime Prep Academy in Texas. He is a point guard and has signed on with Southern Methodist. He is in the top five for his defensive game. Mudiay is known for his athleticism and size. He has a lot of potential to become one of the top defenders for the Mustangs.

These are the top five recruits for the 2014 season of college basketball. They all have lots of potential to eventually become NBA players. While these schools will certainly benefit from this talent, these recruits still have a lot to learn if they want to continue to stand out for their teams.

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