PGA Top 5 Money Winners — So Far

by T Akery December 31st, 2015 | Fab Five
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Top 5 Money Makers in the PGAThe PGA tour winners often rake in lots of cash. While the number of PGA wins may fade into the memories of only the most ardent golf fans, the cash rewards are really what make these Golf Masters famous. So, here are the top five money winners overall. The future may shake these top five up. But only time will tell whether or not the newcomers to golf will be able to earn more money these top five players.

Number one really shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. He is one of the most famous figures in golf. Tiger Woods tops the list. So far, he has made the most money in the history of golf. With over $100,000,000 in the bank, Tiger Woods certainly has a lot. He is also still playing. So expect this figure to go much higher still, along with his rising reputation. No matter whatever trouble he gets himself into, he still proves that he can play golf.

Coming in at number two is Phil Mickelson. He has made over $60,000,000. He is only in his forties and has plenty of time left to add to his total. He is also in the Hall of Fame and has four Championships under his belt. Perhaps, his biggest contribution to golf is not in the amount of money he made but his connection and generosity with his fans.

At number three is Vijay Singh. He was originally born in Fiji. Despite some controversy early in his career, he still racked up three Championship wins. He had a lot of success during his time in the European League. He also played in the Asian League and in Africa. At over $60,000,000, he has shown he can play on American soil.

Number four is Jim Furyk. Furyk has raked in over $50,000,000 during his career. His trademark is his swing which is very different from the style of Tiger Woods. His only coach has been his father. While he has suffered from injuries and surgeries, he is still a dominant force in the game.

The number five top money winner is Ernie Els. He has over $40,000,000 in earnings during his career. Els is originally from South Africa. He won four championships during his career. He has also played in the European League and racked up the Euros during his time there. Els is another one in the Hall of Fame and runs several businesses in addition to his golfing.

These top money winners have numbers that many professional athletes dream of. It is their impressive money count that shows exactly how well they succeed at the game of golf.

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