Top 5 NHL Goalies in 2013

by T Akery December 19th, 2013 | Fab Five
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Top 5 NHL Goalies in 2013 copyThe goalie is arguably one of the most intense positions in the NHL. Stopping high speed pucks with just padding and a stick takes special talent. Not only do goalies need lighting instincts, they also need the ability to read where the pucks are headed. The top five goalies on this list have those special talents. While their teams might not win the Stanley Cup, these goalies are stopping as many pucks as they can for their respective teams.

The number one ranked goalie is Josh Harding of the Minnesota Wild. He is sitting at an impressive 93% save percentage. With an average of only 1.5 goals against him per game, he has been on his game. He has been instrumental in helping his team keep their wins. Unfortunately, the rest of the Wild’s defense hasn’t kept up and they have been getting out shot badly, which is putting them out of the running for the Cup.

The number two ranked goalie is Ben Scrivens. Ben plays for the Los Angeles Kings. He may be sitting in the top spot as soon as he settles down a bit. While he hasn’t played as many games as Harding, his save percentage is slightly higher. He has been playing while the Kings’ main goalkeeper is out for injuries. He played goalie for the Toronto Maple Leafs before being traded in June.

The number three ranked goalie is Tuukka Rask. He plays for the Boston Bruins and is also third in save percentages. With injuries plaguing his team, his consistency has helped the Bruins. He is keeping them in the running for a shot at the Stanley Cup. Once the rest of his team rallies, it appears the Bruins may become a contender.

The number four ranked player is Jonas Gustavsson. He plays for the Detroit Red Wings. He has stepped in for an injured Jimmy Howard who will be out for awhile. His ranking was better before a shoot out loss to Tampa Bay. But as long as he can stay healthy, he has a shot at increasing his ranking. Unfortunately, a poor performance by the Red Wings is keeping them out of the Stanley Cup race.

The number five ranked player is Cory Schneider. He plays for the New Jersey Devils and is hoping for a spot on the Olympic team. While he has a save percentage above 90%, he is going to have to avoid giving up a goal like he did against Pittsburgh in front of the USA Olympic coach. He is really going to have to pick up his game if he hopes to make it onto the Olympic team. The Devils probably won’t see the playoffs this year though.

These are the top five ranked goalies so far for the season. These guys are striving to keep the goal out of the net. Staying healthy enough to play is also a priority. While they may never get a glimpse of the Cup, they are trying their best to get there.

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