Top Five Clubs that Have Won America’s Cup

by T Akery July 1st, 2015 | Fab Five
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americas cup whThe America’s Cup is one of the most prestigious yachting events for boats. It is akin to winning the Super Bowl or World Series. It started in 1851 after the schooner America’s racing victory over British schooners. From there, the Cup evolved into a race among some of the finest yachts ever developed. Since its inception, the race has grown to encompass more foreign countries and their clubs. But one thing remains the same. These clubs have to defend their title every year against the incoming challenges. Here are the top five clubs that have won the America’s Cup.

The New York Yacht Club is the club that has posted the most wins in the America’s Cup. It has been around since the beginning of the sport. The club was started in 1844 by nine members. These members helped get America involved in yacht racing. They built the first winner of the America’s Cup, the America. Since then, the Club went on to win a record number of 25 times. Most of those wins were against England which battled to get the cup back to English shores.

The next big winner of the America’s Cup is the San Diego Yacht Club. San Diego hosted the America’s Cup during the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s. The club has managed to win the Cup three times so far. While it didn’t have the advantage of New York, the San Diego Yacht Club does love to race. The yacht designs are still influenced by Gerry Driscoll who helped bring the West Coast into the sport. He also helped organize the event when San Diego hosted the race.

The Royal New Zealand Yacht Club is one of the few successful foreign challengers of the America’s Cup. They have managed to win the America’s Cup twice. Once was in 1995 and the other win came in 2000. The Club prides itself on entering and winning in many competitive yacht races around the World. While it has only won twice, it has a chance to make it three this year against the defending champs.

The Societe Nautique de Geneve also has two wins under its belt. The club is based in Switzerland and hosted the Cup from 2003 to 2010. It was successful at defending the title and is one of the few foreign clubs to do so. Although the Club has been successful in yacht racing, it is more well-known for racing across lakes rather than the ocean.

The Royal Perth Yacht Club has the honor of breaking America’s winning streak in 1983, thus proving that the foreign competitors were ready to take on America in the sport of yachting. While it has only had one win in the America’s Cup, the Club is very active in competitive racing.

These are the top five clubs that have won the America’s Cup. A new challenger is on the horizon with the Golden Gate Yacht Club who is looking to defend its only win.

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