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by Ronald A. Rowe March 25th, 2013 | Weekend Review
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bracket 13 whMarch Madness is all about the Cinderella story. Everyone love an underdog, much more so if you happened to somehow pick that ‘dog as your upset special in your bracket. The Top 5 Upsets, Underdogs, and Almosts from the opening weekend of the 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

#5 Close
Ninth seeded Temple University gave #1 Indiana all they could handle this weekend. The Hoosiers had to pull out a stellar defensive stand to cool down the hot shooters of Temple in order to preserve the win. Temple didn’t quite make the Sweet 16 but they certainly made a strong showing against the heavily favored Indiana team.

#4 Closer
Iowa State almost made it into the Sweet 16. It took a semi-miraculous three pointer by Ohio State’s Aaron Craft with less than one tick left on the clock for second seeded Ohio State to slip past #10 Iowa State. The Cyclones didn’t pull off an upset, but they came darn close.

#3 The 5-12 Split
There’s one every year. There’s a whole branch of bracketology devoted to determining which 12 seed will knock off a five seed in the tournament. This year it was #12 Oregon who bumped #5 Oklahoma State in the opening round. Not content with being a footnote, the Ducks pressed on to defeat #4 St. Louis in Round 2. Actually, “defeat” might not be a strong enough word for what Oregon did to the Billikens this weekend. The good news is that the Ducks are in the Sweet 16. The bad news is that Louisville is, too. Still, a great run for a #12.

#2 Upset
I doubt that most March Madness fanboys could identify the school listed as FGCU. They were just the team that Georgetown was going to use as a stepping stone on the way to the second round of the NCAA Tournament. It didn’t work out that way. FGCU – that’s Florida Gulf Coast University to you – shocked everyone, broke a lot of brackets, and earned a trip to meet San Diego State in Round 3.

#1 The Big One
Wichita State broke more than a few brackets across the Fruited Plain this weekend by knocking top ranked Gonzaga out of the tournament before the Sweet 16. Wichita was a mild underdog against Pittsburgh in the opening round but an absolute David against Gonzaga’s Goliath on Sunday. That means Wichita State will be in the unfamiliar position of being the favorite in the next round.

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